July 2017  
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9:00 AM to 9:45 AM
pre-service prayer time - all invited!
10:00 AM
Children's Church
10:30 AM to 12:15 AM
Church Service
10:45 AM to 12:15 AM
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David and Chauna Fuller on 09-15-2015
I first found this Church on the computer and fell in love with the web page. When Chauna and I first came over we were so in awe of the Love, Joy and warmth of all the people that we met. Now we've been there twice and we know that God has Great plans for us and our new family. We love and admire each and every one of you and can't wait to get the green light to move over. Waiting for our Father to get everything just so is hard to do at times but it's the Best of the Best times in the end. We'll see you all soon. Love, David and Chauna Fuller....:)
Donna on 03-23-2015
I found the soul sister blog and stumbled to your site.I was raised in Or. But have lived in CA for the last 31 years.Would like to visit your church in person sometime. I do love your scriptures and applications.
Dale & Carol Guy on 12-01-2014
We came to Florence to spend the winter months away from our home in Redmond, Oregon. Finding a church was at the top of our list. We attended Florence 4 Square on Sunday and found it friendly, alive and were drawn in by the people, the worship and the message from Pastor George. It appears we've found a home away from home. Thank you for reaching out to your visitors and making us feel welcome!
Jan and Gary Andrew on 02-08-2013
We were invited by a dear friend to a wonderful Sunday worship; What a pleasure. My wife and I were drawn by the warm welcome from Pastor George and all the people as we entered the door feeling God's presence.
We liked the small group it brings people closer to what you can call friends. With faith in God's word and fellowship with each other.
Were anxious to return next Sunday. God bless you all.
Emma Charbonneau on 10-21-2012
God has granted me the pleasure of fellowshipping with the Florence four square.What love I have recieved ...Pastor Goerge ty for all your wonderful sermons.. God is real and ready for us all to love him as he loves us..
Lisa Wegner on 01-20-2012
Great page!
Lynn & Steve Lanham on 10-23-2011
We have been there once and find ourselves missing you all ! I think only God can do that !
I feel as though God truely wants us to be there and be apart of that body. We were home this week to go to our home church in Lebanon. This is the church we have been a part of for several years now and yet I feel God calling to Florence! I know God has a calling for us there. So pray with us that God show us what to do and make a way to do it.
Love you all .
Lynn & Steve Lanham on 09-19-2011
It was great to meet some very nice members of the Family !
Summer on 08-16-2011
Kewl you should come up with that. Exelclent!
debbie stinger on 08-15-2011
love love love it great picks :) love the new lay out of the web site. goog jobe Lori :) love ya
Mark and Toni Peralta on 08-04-2011
We enjoyed Pastor George's sermon this past Sunday while visiting from Hesperia Ca. He is blessed by the Lord. A very friendly and passionate congregation. We will be back next summer.
Donna Dobson on 07-22-2011
Everything Lori does, she does very well. This is very nice and informative. Great Job!!!
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